fig.1 (2023)
fig.1 (2023)
  • 1. New Olympian (02:34)
  • 2. Symphony in X (00:06)
  • 3. Three Way Street (02:27)
  • 4. Welcome to your Thirties (01:31)
  • 5. Ratified (03:23)
  • 6. New Best Friend (02:54)
  • 7. Coffin Boogie (01:39)
  • 8. Preemptive Strike (02:20)
  • 9. Brown Sugar (00:50)
  • 10. Touch Grass (02:56)
  • 11. The Moral Genius (02:02)
  • 12. Adventure Dave 6 (05:29)
  • 13. Simple Yet Bad (01:36)
  • 14. River Diving (01:18)

There is a whisper on the wind.

A cosmic signal, born in the chaotic maelstrom of creation and echoing throughout eternity. It is the harmony of the planets, the steady heartbeat of existence, the angelic rhythm of the stellar caucophony of light that dances through the universe, illuminating all that the virtuous soul can grasp.

It is peace, the very voice of God, woven tightly through the collective consciousness of all, bestowing sanctity upon every life.

Can you hear it? No? Really??? Well Dazzler can, and through a tremendous ingenuity that should surprise no one, Dazzler managed to record this heavenly mantra directly and put it on an album. So listen to THAT, you idiots, and get enlightened before we come kick you directly in the ass.

It is the Twenty First Century, and fig. 1 is your ticket to salvation, a bold new take on what music actually is.

Recorded in October 2022 in Kingston Ontario at Joeycorp Studios credits released June 24, 2023

Dazzler is:

  • Keith "Big Daddy" McLean - guitars, ahhhhs and oohs
  • Andrew "Tall Daddy" de Koning - vocals, synths, ahhhs and oohs
  • Ben "Tired Daddy" Nicholls - bass, guitars, ahhhs and oohs
  • Joey "Crunk Daddy" Robert - drums, guitars, vocals
  • Sam "Another Daddy" Sholdice - producin