Ballerino (2016)
Ballerino (2016)
  • 1. A Tale of Two Sitees (02:39)
  • 2. Innit, Bruv (02:02)
  • 3. Deep Web (02:27)
  • 4. Purple Rain (04:03)
  • 5. I Want To See Your Dick (But I'm a Robot) (04:15)
  • 6. Pivoting Baby (01:36)
  • 7. Down Home Country Sex (04:01)

Oh shit, oh fuck, Dazzler is back again with another hot EP for you to download onto your computers. Jesus christ it can't be true. Oh my god.

This album has it all - songs about robots, dicks, trucks, a Prince cover, a song about fuckin', basically all the right normal good stuff guys.

We highly recommend getting totally goddamned destroyed out of your mind on boxed wine before listening to it. Failing that maybe sustain a small head injury.

I love you.


released May 21, 2016


  • Ben Nicholls : Guitar, wordsayin'
  • Keith Mclean : Guitar, Songing, shoutmusic
  • Andrew de Koning : Singin', maybe guitar? I honestly don't remember
  • Joey Robert : He made the echos that sound good, also airplane sounds

All songs written by Dazzler except for Dick Robot, which was written by Zack WIlkins, who by this point might as well be in Dazzler.

Oh also Purple Rain. Prince wrote that. Few people know that.